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Nigerian banks to turn to solar energy to power branches

by Heres1988
The world technology continues to advance. Demand to discover anything grew restless that leads to exploration and adventure. Population count will continue to go high and the basic needs will be doubled. Housing, clothing, power energy, and food needs will heighten the demand, and supply should cope up. There are different group of people that can provide the needed supply (businesses) will continue to grow more and competencies would no longer be contained. The more the Earth inhabitants continue to expand, the more we need of its natural resources. Pollution will continue to damage its natural order. What if the Earth could no longer provide such resources? How will its inhabitants survive? How can we stop, prevent, or lessen the pollution? As the Earth continues to suffer, some people are now open in finding ways to answer to these problems and in particular, turning the things that can hurt the Earth into a solution. The use of renewable energy is one of these methods. There are a lot of discoveries now that is considered a renewable energy, for example, using wind to power up a plant having wind mills. Another one is the use of solar panels to convert the heat coming from the sun and storing it into a solar battery that can power up anything. Businesses nowadays are turning to solar energy as an alternative way of powering up their establishments since it is very convenient and environment friendly source of energy. And some of which that accumulates too much power are manufacturing or industrial firms, and office related establishments like banks and telecoms. Nigerian banks to turn to solar energy to power branches started with the Nigeria’s Unity Bank. They do this method to minimize heat pollution and to avoid suffering from continues electrical grid failures (brown outs) that results to loss and important bank transactions, especially to those areas that has minimal power source like Nigeria. Banks daily operation revolves around to money transactions and they do their routine with strict methods. A single mistake may endanger the banks integrity and capacity to handle money. They should have stable and continues power source to provide more service to their customers. If brown out occurs, using electric generators are very expensive since it needs fuel in order to function plus it generates too much noise which is also considered pollution. Instead of paying a monthly electric bill amounting to £ 200 or more, they can now save most of it by investing to solar energy. To start up, buying solar panels and batteries are the first thing to do. Nigeria’s United Bank started by putting up solar panels at the top of some of their branches and did a dry run resulting to a success. Today, they are now doing modifications to its other branches and encouraging other banks to do the same. They are now expecting lesser utility bills these incoming months. Anyone could start using any renewable energy that can help lessen pollution on our atmosphere. Starting from our homes up to the extent that everyone can have one. By doing so, we can help the Earth become stable and continue to thrive in providing us the shelter we needed. There is no harm in having one and trying it. With this method, we can help the environment to last longer for the next generations to follow.