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Group of Manchester Thieves Sit on a Bench and Take Turns Stealing Electrical Goods

by Heres1988
On a busy November, Friday evening at around 5.00pm at a Manchester Electrical shop located near a park unsuspecting shoppers were going about their business, some buying others just window shopping’. Five men sat on a bench, the first one, seemed to be reading a newspaper, the second was talking on the phone, the third was seen to be busy on his tablet, the fourth was reading a book and the fifth seemed to be enjoying the scenery at the park, but the five had one thing in common; a well-planned out plot to steal from the electrical shop. This crime was carried out with ease under the nose of the store owners and the security guards. The crime was realized after the thieves were long gone. Police was called to the scene of the crime after the shop owner realized he was missing goods worth over £5,000. Despite the store having CCTV cameras, the thieves managed to evade detection, the only details caught on camera including the five men whose faces were hidden by the dark sunglasses and the red, blue, black, white and grey hooded sweatpants they were wearing. This case has come as a shock to sellers around the region, including electrical wholesalers Macclesfield services. The group of the five hooded men each took turns to enter the shop. Each took a record five minutes to enter a specific part of the store take specifically selected goods and leave the store without detection. According to eyewitnesses, the identically dressed men seemed to know their way around the store. They left the bench one at a time, left with goods from the store but each left the store with different means to different directions. According to the store owner, the goods stolen included kettles, toasters, toothbrushes, razors, hair rollers, sockets, cooker points, shower points, and other electrical kitchen goods. Of the stolen goods the cheapest was retailing at £5 per item and the most expensive was retailing at £150 per item. This was a highly organized crime that might have taken months of planning on the part of the thieves. The police do not know the identities of these men but one of the thieves is suspected to be a former employee of the store who had been fired due to lack of accountability for money at the store. According to the police no weapons were used during the theft, nothing in the store was broken and no one was injured during the robbery. The thieves are suspected to be sellers of second-hand goods which in most cases are usually stolen goods. The high demand for second-hand goods in the area seems to be one of the factors accelerating theft. Police have concluded that the goods that were stolen were targeted due to their high street demand. It is believed that the thieves plan to resale these goods to those who cannot afford them or do not wish to pay high-street prices. Police are giving a £1000 cash reward to anyone who has any information regarding this crime.